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About Me

Hello!  I’m Kerrie – I’m a screen printer, photographer & designer. I believe that women are strong, kindness is powerful, and dogs are an essential part of a happy home. I am happiest when I am being creative. I love people of all flavors and connecting with those I create for and with. 

I’m a Texan living in Ohio since 2012.  My degree is in Studio Art (Photography emphasis) and I had a business in Texas from 1999-2012 which centered around photographing seniors, children, couples and bands. When it comes to photography, I pride myself on not relying on post-production in photoshop, despite being an expert digital retoucher. I have also exhibited art all over Texas, Ohio and in New York City and curated art exhibitions all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area.

I revisited screenprinting a few years ago starting very with a very DIY setup and slowly building up my studio. I’m a huge fan of shopping local and am lucky to have lots of clients who are also small business owners. 

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